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Getting the right lawyer is the most important thing you can do to enhance both the speed and outcome of your case. We assess your case and go to work qualifying the best lawyer for your circumstance. 


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We understand that not only are you coming to terms with your legal problem, but seeking the help of a lawyer can also be overwhelming. We help you all the way!


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No Win No Fee

In matching your legal issue with the best legal help, we identify those lawyers who not only are highly regarded by the profession and their clients, but offer No Win No Fee and a FREE, no-obligation case assessment


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Welcome to Harry Bloom

At Harry Bloom, we know that finding the right lawyer is critical to both the speed and success of your claim. That's why rather than you leave it to chance, we minimise the risk of you making the wrong decision and we find the best lawyer for your circumstance at no cost to you.

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What is Harry Bloom?

Like most things in life, big names with big marketing budgets doesn't necessarily mean big results. At Harry Bloom, our sole purpose is to find you the best lawyer for your legal issue. We leave no stone unturned. Start now!


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Who is Harry Bloom?

Well, apart from a great name, Harry Bloom in fact was a lawyer who worked with Nelson Mandela. Harry Bloom is a law firm with a single mission to match you with the very best legal help. It has been founded by Multi-Award Winning Lawyer, Dan Toombs. 


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How Harry Bloom
makes a big difference

We Define Your Case

As a law firm, we know how lawyers like to assess the merits of a case. We listen to your legal problem and then get to work preparing a brief for legal consideration. 

We Discuss the Proposal

Once we have the lawyer's proposal, we discuss it with you and answer any questions that you may have. Once you're happy, we then arrange a FREE, no-obligation appointment with your matched lawyer. 

Search for the Best Lawyer

Once we have prepared your brief, we identify those pre-qualified lawyers that we think will match both you and your legal issue. We receive a proposal from the chosen lawyer and then come back to you. 

We Support You Along the Way

Because our sole focus is making sure that you are matched with the best legal help, it's important that we check in on you at various times to see how you are and to ensure you're happy with your legal representation. 

What You Need to Look for in Your Lawyer
Get the Best Lawyer

What You Need to Look for in Your Lawyer

Getting the best lawyer for your legal matter is the most important thing you can do to sure up a great outcome to your issue.

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How Harry Bloom Helps People Just Like You
Get the Best Legal Help

How Harry Bloom Helps People Just Like You

What's unique about Harry Bloom is that as a law firm we have only one interest, and that is to make sure you get the best lawyer for your problem. We do this at no cost to you!

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