Suffered an injury in a public place?
you may be entitled to Compensation

Workers Compensation Claims
Workers Compensation Claims 2

Public Liability Claims

If you have suffered an injury, not at work, but rather in a public place, you may be entitled to compensation.

Like most injury claims, your claim if successful will derive from the insurance company of which the owner of the public place has an existing policy. This is called their public liability insurance.

What types of injuries are covered?

Commonly, accidents through no fault of your own that occur on the road, footpath, parks, shopping centres, rental or private properties, schools, public areas and hotels make up the biggest proportion of public liability claims.

What should I do after I suffer an injury

It’s always recommended that you seek independent legal advice as quickly as you can. But following the accident you should:

We’re happy to talk you through this but in summary here are some considerations and requirements for those wishing to make a public liability claim:

– take some photos of the actual location where the accident occurred
– take some photos of your injury
– seek prompt medical advice, preferably on the same day or the day after

On your first consultation with your lawyer, bring all this information, including any medical records that you may have that relate to your injury.

What will the compensation cover?

The compensation that you may receive from a public liability claim includes:

– medical costs (including future costs)
– lost income pain
– suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
– home help and attendant care

Remember, like most injury claims, time limits do apply. Get legal advice promptly.